Academic Program - International Academy of San Antonio

The academy promises to be a top-rated, private school with a student to instructional staff ratio of 15:1. We designed this exceptional academic program for real-world learning and will feature small classes and a family-like environment. Students at IASA will explore engaging, imaginative assignments with a guided-inquiry approach to instruction. Most importantly, children will have the potential to create an amazing future for themselves as the architects of their own learning.

The International Academy of San Antonio belongs to the Common Ground Collaborative (CGC), a non-profit, global community of innovators in the field of education. The CGC is committed to creating smart, systemic, and sustainable learning programs. 

The CGC focuses learning around six human commonalities including:

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Personal identity
  • Purpose and balance
  • Patterns and principles
  • Sustainability and systems, and
  • Literacy (personal communication and media)

The Three Academic Pillars

  1. Common Ground Collaborative – being a partnership, international school
    • Three kinds of learning: conceptual, competency, and character
    • Exploring the human commonalities
    • Guided inquiry 
  2. Understanding by Design – thematic, integrated units
    • Begin with learning outcomes and “plan backwards”
    • Teaching for understanding
  3. School-Wide Enrichment Model – high levels of engagement and challenging learning experiences including:
    • Developing talents in all children
    • Providing a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences
    • Providing advanced follow-up opportunities based on strengths and interests

Enrichment Programs

Beyond the academic program, IASA will offer a variety of enrichment activities. Electives will include options in the fine arts (like painting, music, and drama) and a rich array of recreational and physical education activities (like basketball, field games, and swimming). The school will also participate in local field trips and is planning extended, out-of-town trips for the older grades.


The International Academy of San Antonio will apply for and achieve accreditation by the Council of International Schools and/or the ACE Accreditation model of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Foreign Language Instruction

The IASA is committed to multilingualism as a necessary skill in a modern world.

  • The core language of instruction will be English. Students will spend most of their time in English instruction developing strong reading, writing, and communication skills.
  • The main supportive language will be Spanish. All academic areas will receive Spanish instruction each week with a special emphasis on becoming fluent and conversational.
  • A tertiary language will be coding, the language of the 21st century. Students will develop programming skills, analysis, and will explore the implementation of algorithms in programming languages.