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Our first campus, John H. Wood Jr. Charter, opened in the fall of 1998. Originally serving approximately 30 students, our enrollment has grown exponentially. Our school has changed names and added locations, but the one thing that has not changed is our dedication and love for all students.

On our ten campuses, our faculty and staff offer students a challenging core curriculum with an accelerated academic focus in a supportive, structured environment, inspiring in them a desire to increase the capacity for human greatness. We know that many students who do not succeed in a traditional school setting can fall behind and miss the chance to lead a successful, productive life. Our goal is to give this opportunity back to each student: to inspire full potential, encourage self-discipline, and affirm self-worth. We want all of our students to believe they have the power to increase their capacity for human greatness!


Bruce Rockstroh

Bruce Rockstroh

Bruce Rockstroh Biography

Bruce Rockstroh is the superintendent and CEO at BRAINATION, Inc. Rockstroh started his education career 30 years ago as a classroom teacher, where he received a “Best Teachers in Texas” award. Bruce has served as a department chair, special education coordinator, vice principal, and principal with experience in both public and private schools. For the past 15 years, he has served as superintendent for three different charter schools as well as co-founded a successful charter district. 

Rockstroh took over the Educational Resource Center’s two charter schools in 2007. Renamed BRAINATION, Inc. in 2017, the school system now includes ten charter campuses throughout Texas, a private school within an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center, and a partnership alternative campus with a public school district in San Antonio.

Rockstroh is one of the founding board members for the Texas Charter Schools Association and currently serves on the TCSA Advocacy Committee. He has also led numerous workshops at both state and national conferences in innovative educational design and led a diverse team in the creation of the Anne Frank Inspire Academy, an unprecedented 21st-century school in San Antonio.

A native of San Antonio, Bruce holds a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from Texas Lutheran University and a master of arts in educational leadership from UTSA.